No Tantrums! 6 Tips To Ease Your Kids Into Cleaning Their Room

No Tantrums! 6 Tips To Ease Your Kids Into Cleaning Their Room

Convincing your child to do their chores can quickly spiral into a battle if you don’t make the best approach. However, it is not a matter of authority; instead, you need to teach your kid with patience and understanding—and we can show you how.

Try these following tips on how to do things right and get your child to clean their room!

Tip #1. Gradually introduce them to the chores

Cleaning a room may not be such a big deal for parents. However, it could quickly become tiresome and boring for kids due to all the tasks involved.

So, instead of making them clean their entire room, ask them to do mini chores like picking up the toys or folding their clothes. When they get used to the initial task you gave them, you can add another one, and so on.

Tip #2. Assign them age-appropriate tasks

Making your kid do one task at a time is helpful. However, depending on their age, kids may find some tasks harder to carry out. For example, older children have better motor skills and can fold clothes much easier than younger ones.

So, to ensure your kid isn’t doing tasks above their league (and getting frustrated), assign them appropriate chores for their age.

Tip #3. Show them how to do the chores

If your kid doesn’t know how to clean their room, they’ll get frustrated and dread cleaning even more. Instructions aren’t enough! The fix for this issue is showing them how it’s done first.

As you do it, make your motions broad and describe them clearly. When you’re done, ask your kid to help you, but still assist them back if they get stuck. Do this whenever your child struggles with a task, getting less involved as they improve to a point they can do the tasks without help.

Tip #4. Don’t use cleaning as a punishment

Unless your goal is to make your child hate cleaning altogether, please don’t use it as a punishment. After all, cleaning is a responsibility and not a consequence of bad behavior.

To make your kids see cleaning their room as part of a normal routine, you can spend time with them when they’re doing it or involve them in creating a cleaning schedule. That way, they’ll see it as less of an imposition.

Tip #5. Reward their efforts

Giving a reward to your kid for cleaning their room works by making them associate good and happy thoughts with it. For better results, pick something they like; it could be a trip to the park or something smaller like their favorite candy—whatever works for your child!

Of course, don’t get too comfortable giving too many prizes, or you will spoil your kids. To avoid it, set weekly or monthly cleaning goals so they know they must work for the reward. This will help them make long-term efforts, further cementing their responsibility.

Tip #6. Be consistent

Cleaning is a habit, and as such, consistency plays a significant role in kids getting used to cleaning their rooms. Therefore, stick as much as possible to the schedules, conditions, instructions, and rewards you’ve previously set.

However, don’t make your kid feel like he’s in the army! Depending on the situation, you can negotiate with them and show some flexibility. Also, if you need to change anything, let your kids know beforehand.

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