No More Scrubbing! How To Clean Your Oven With Vinegar Steam

No More Scrubbing! How To Clean Your Oven With Vinegar Steam

Cleaning your oven is a task that often evokes a sense of dread for homeowners. The thought of scrubbing away stubborn grease and grime can be discouraging. But fear not, because professional house cleaning is here to save the day! Say goodbye to the groans and sighs associated with oven cleaning, as we unveil a game-changing method that requires minimal effort. 

Prepare to be amazed as we guide you through the simple yet effective process of cleaning your oven with vinegar steam. Bid farewell to tedious scrubbing sessions and embrace a more effortless approach. Get ready to discover the secrets of professional house cleaning and transform your oven cleaning experience. Let’s dive in and make oven cleaning a breeze!

Why you should try the vinegar steam method

You probably know how cleaning an oven usually goes: harsh chemicals, a lot of time, and a lot of scrubbing.

You can say goodbye to all of that with the vinegar steam method. Vinegar is a natural and non-toxic way to clean your oven; the process takes only around an hour or two, and you don’t need to scrub.

Here’s how you can clean your oven with vinegar steam

There is no need to have a steam cleaner or a steam cleaning option in your oven. To clean with vinegar steam, you only need white vinegar, water, and a dish you can heat in the oven. 

Follow these simple instructions to clean your oven the easy way:

  • Get your oven ready: Take out all the racks from the oven and wash them separately (don’t fret, it’s easy! You can use soapy water). Then, replace one of the racks in the center of the oven.
  • Make the cleaning solution: Prepare your mix in the dish, fill it with water, and add a cup of vinegar. Simple, right? All you have to do now is place the casserole dish on the rack inside the oven!
  • Let the steam build: Heat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it on from twenty minutes to an hour (the time it takes will depend on how much grime you need to get off the oven).
  • Wipe the grime: Once the time is up, carefully remove the dish (remember to wear mitts!). Then, all you have to do is grab a damp cloth and work on wiping the oven clean.

Clean your oven with vinegar and baking soda

While vinegar steam can save you a lot of time and effort, this method is far from perfect. Usually, it works on slightly greasy ovens or as a pretreatment before scrubbing.

In other words, the vinegar steam may still leave baked-on stains on your oven! However, we have another method for you to get rid of those stubborn stains.

Watch the following video to learn how to use vinegar and baking soda in your oven!

How To Clean Your Oven With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Let the professionals handle it

Do neither of these methods fit what you need? Maybe you don’t have the time, but you don’t want to leave your oven less than perfectly clean.

At BG011 Cleaning services, we have the perfect solution for you! Check out our option for inside-the-oven cleaning. We’ll save you the time and effort of tackling this cleaning task so you can focus only on preparing your meals there! Get your quote now.

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