How To Wash Microfiber Cloths (Stop Damaging Them!)

How To Wash Microfiber Cloths (Stop Damaging Them!)

When it comes to cleaning, detail-oriented cleaning staff understand the value of microfiber cloths. These versatile wonders have gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to their durability and multi-purpose nature. However, with frequent use, these cloths can quickly accumulate dirt and grime. But here’s the catch: washing microfiber is not as straightforward as washing any other fabric. If you rely on these cloths for your cleaning routine, it’s crucial to learn the proper method to clean them without causing damage. Get ready to uncover the ultimate cleaning technique that will keep your microfiber cloths in pristine condition!

How to wash microfiber cloths in a washing machine

Appliances can make your life easier on many occasions, and washing microfiber cloths is one of them!

Here’s how to wash microfiber cloths in a washing machine:

Step 1. Separate the fabrics

Microfiber needs to be washed on its own since lint and debris from other garments could get caught in the microfiber. So, always separate your fabrics to prepare a washing load just for the microfiber cloths.

Step 2. Shake off the dirt

Shake the cloths over a trash can to eliminate the crumbs and loose dirt from your last clean-up. Doing so will make the washing process more straightforward. Plus, the debris won’t fly around, only sticking to another cloth during the machine’s cycle.

Step 3. Treat the stains

Are your microfiber cloths very stained? Then you can make a little detour to pour some laundry detergent directly over the stains. This will allow the detergent to seep into the fibers and work at removing the stain on a deeper level.

Step 4. Pour detergent into the machine

Place all your microfiber cloths inside the washing machine and pour detergent over them or in the soap dispenser. Just make sure you only use laundry detergent—fabric softener could clog the spaces between the fibers and make it difficult for them to grip dirt and grime.

Pro tip: Use vinegar for odors

If your microfiber cloths are very smelly, detergent might not be enough to eliminate all the odors. Instead, try pouring half a cup of white vinegar into the load to deodorize the cloths. 

Just remember not to put the vinegar in the detergent dispenser! It could corrode the machine’s inner workings; pour it directly on the cloths instead.

Step 5. Set the washing cycle

When setting the washing cycle, consider that your cloths are a small washing load. Then, select cold or warm water but avoid using the hot setting—otherwise, the microfibers can be rendered useless.

Step 6. Air dry the microfiber cloths

To finish, toss the rags into the drying machine without any dryer sheets and avoid a high heat setting. Alternatively, you can air dry them on a clothesline or hang them in a well-ventilated area before using them again.

An alternative method: How to hand wash microfiber cloths

If doing a whole laundry load for just your cloths seems excessive, you can always wash them by hand. To do it, follow these simple instructions:

  • Step 1. Shake off the dirt: This way, you won’t have to deal with crumbs and loose debris getting in the way when you’re scrubbing the cloths.
  • Step 2. Fill a bowl with water: Make sure the water is only cold or warm to avoid too much heat that could ruin the fabric.
  • Step 3. Scrub and soak the microfiber: Put your cloths in the bowl and add a dash of laundry detergent. Then, rub the cloths together to loosen the stains and leave them soaking for 15 minutes.
  • Step 4. Rinse the fabric: Change the water on the bowl for clean water and rinse the cloths.
  • Step 5. Air dry the cloths: Leave the microfiber out to air or sun dry; it won’t take long!

Give your cloths a well-deserved break from cleaning

The downside of using microfiber cloths for everyday tasks is that they are quickly added to your to-clean list. So why not take a break from this and other chores?

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