How To Make Your Shower Head Shine Again With Vinegar!

How To Make Your Shower Head Shine Again With Vinegar!

If you overlook cleaning your shower head long enough, it will stand out badly against the usual shine of the bathroom. Besides, this fixture may already start to clog by now.

No need to call a plumber! You can keep the fixture clean and functional with a bit of maintenance every now and then. Just follow this practical guide we’ve prepared for you.

How to quickly clean your shower head without detaching it

If disassembling your shower head to clean it takes more time than you can spare, this method is the way to go! The best part is you only need a plastic bag, rubber bands, a kitchen sponge, and white vinegar.

Why use vinegar on the shower head?

The water from your shower head carries minerals that build up over time, resulting in chalky white clumps and spots. Water itself can’t dissolve this mineral buildup, but acids do; and as vinegar is an acidic solution, it works flawlessly to tackle those pesky spots on your fixture!

Step #1. Fill a bag with vinegar

This step is so simple that the most “difficult” part will be finding a plastic bag big enough to fit the shower nozzle inside (you can put the bag over the fixture to test it).

Once you get the bag, fill it halfway with white vinegar and check for leaks before continuing. Of course, you need to change the bag if it’s leaking.

Step #2. Soak the shower head in the vinegar

Next, cover the nozzle with the bag until fully submerged in the vinegar. If necessary, pour more vinegar into the bag until the fixture is completely covered. Then, secure the bag tightly so it doesn’t slip off—use rubber bands or zip ties.

Leave the shower head soaking for thirty minutes to one hour, depending on how much buildup it has. The vinegar will act to dissolve the minerals as time passes.

Warning: If your shower head is made of brass or coated in nickel, chrome, or gold, do not leave it submerged for more than thirty minutes. Otherwise, it will get damaged.

Step #3. Scrub the nozzle

After time’s up, detach the bag and pour the vinegar down the drain. When ready, use the rough side of a kitchen sponge to scrub your shower head.

At this point, the buildup will be soft, so you won’t need much elbow grease to remove it—just make sure to scrub every nook and cranny.

Note. To unclog the water holes, use a toothpick or a metal clip. Then, let hot water run to dissolve what’s left.

Step #4 Rinse and dry thoroughly

Once you finish scrubbing, you may still notice some residue on your fixture. So, dampen a clean cloth with warm water and rinse it. Finally, use another cloth to dry and buff your shower head thoroughly.

What if your shower head is still clogged?

Although the previous method is quick and easy to carry out, it may not work that well if your shower head is deeply clogged. To fix this issue, you’ll need to detach the nozzle so you can access every corner and clean it thoroughly. Here’s a complete guide.

We can help you make the rest of your bathroom shine!

A clean shower head is a small step in keeping your bathroom clean. Do you want to match the rest but don’t have time? Let our team of experts at BG011 Cleaning Services tackle the grime in your bathroom (and the rest of your house) while you focus on other responsibilities.

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