How To Easily Remove Grime From Your Shower Door Tracks

How To Easily Remove Grime From Your Shower Door Tracks

Usually, homeowners avoid dealing with cleaning their shower door tracks due to how tricky and impossible to reach they seem, so it’s normal if you do it too. However, when your shower door starts resisting sliding like it used to, you know it’s time to tackle this chore.

How do you get those shower door tracks back to their former glory? This guide will help you answer that question—and your shower door tracks will look spotless!

Step #1. Get the right cleaning tools

Due to how narrow door tracks are, most usual cleaning tools aren’t fit to help you tackle this task, so be sure to get the right ones.

Utensils like an old toothbrush or a thin or small scrubbing brush and a microfiber cloth wrapped around a small blade or sponge are essential to reach every nook and cranny of your shower door tracks. Also, you’ll need white vinegar, a bucket, and warm water. 

Step #2. Loosen up the gunk

Start by scrubbing away the loose debris from the shower door tracks. Dirt, hair, and soap scum tend to party in these spots over time, so kicking them out before the deep clean is crucial to saving time later.

Take your small brush or trusty toothbrush and gently boot out the loose dirt and hair. This preliminary step sets the stage for tackling the tougher grime lurking in the tracks.

Step #3. Make a powerful homemade cleaner

White vinegar is your MVP here, breaking down soap scum and mineral deposits (thanks to its acidity), which are the usual suspects gumming up your shower door tracks.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in a bucket for a killer cleaning brew. If you’re dealing with excessive stains or mold, increase the acidity by using two parts of vinegar for each part of water.

Step #4. Apply your DIY cleaning solution

Now that your cleaning mixture is ready, you can use it to cover the grime. Spray generously until the grime is dampened evenly. If there’s too much grime, you may prefer pouring the liquid directly until everything is submerged.

Let the solution work for a few minutes. This chill time helps it break down and loosen the dirt and grime, making them a breeze to wipe away.

Pro-tip: If your shower tracks fashion a frame, hit up the sides and the top, too. 

Step #5. Scrub the grime away

After the wait is over, grab your small brush or toothbrush and start scrubbing in circular motions to liberate the gunk from the tracks. Pay extra attention to any spots with stubborn stains or mold.

The combo of your cleaning solution and elbow grease should banish even the most stubborn residue. There’s no need to rush it, though; take all the time you need to leave those tracks as spotless as you can.

Step #6. Rinse and dry thoroughly

Once you’re sure there’s no more dirt stuck on your tracks, give them a thorough rinse with clean, warm water. A detachable showerhead or a cup works wonders for this.

Although you could leave the tracks to air dry, moisture can make it easier for dirt and mold to appear, not to mention the minerals water might leave behind. So, grab a kitchen sponge or a microfiber wrapped around a blade to soak up the water and leave those tracks bone dry.

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