How To Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over (Don’t Strain Your Back!)

How To Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over (Don’t Strain Your Back!)

Baseboards can get almost as dirty as floors, so you should be cleaning them almost as regularly. However, since cleaning baseboards usually mean bending over, this task is often overlooked.

Here’s the good news, it is possible to clean the baseboard without bending over. Here are six easy tips you can follow.

Step #1. Vacuum excess dust

While you can use a brush and dustpan to brush the baseboard and remove dirt or pet hair, using a vacuum cleaner is the best option if you don’t want to bend down. 

Use the wand attachment for your device and start by vacuuming the baseboards thoroughly to get rid of the dust. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or the right attachments, you can sweep the baseboards to remove excess dust.

Step #2. Use a microfiber towel attached to a broom

Unless you’re willing to crawl around the room’s edges on your knees to clean the baseboards, the best way is to use a broom with a microfiber towel. It’s simple and effective. 

First, you must fold the towel around the broom head, using rubber bands to secure it. Then, after vacuuming, use paper towels to wipe down the baseboards to remove any grease or grime the vacuum couldn’t remove.

Step #3. Spray the baseboard with vinegar

Vinegar is a way to remove grease and dirt without using harsh chemicals. Its acidic property loosens grease and grime, and it’s safe to use on most surfaces when diluted. 

To make a cleaning solution for cleaning baseboards, dilute the water and vinegar 1:1 by filling a spray bottle with the mixture. Then spray the area you want to clean. 

Step #4. Clean once more with the towel and broom

After spraying the water and vinegar, run a broom wrapped in a microfiber towel over the baseboards. You’ll see the dirt come off right away. Apply more vinegar and scrub gently if a spot is too grimy.

Step #5. Change the microfiber towel and dry

If the microfiber towel gets dirty quickly, rinse it or replace it with a new one. Otherwise, the dirty towel will smear dirt on the baseboard, leaving visible streaks as it dries. 

Then, when the baseboards seem spotless, use a dry microfiber cloth and wipe one last time to remove excess moisture and let the baseboards dry easily.

Step #6. Finish by passing a dryer sheet

Preventing dusty baseboards is made easy with a simple solution: dryer sheets. These sheets, known for reducing static and adding a fresh scent to your clothes, possess anti-static properties that repel dust on almost any surface, including baseboards. 

Applying this trick is very simple; just replace the microfiber towel with a dryer sheet and run it from side to side. 

You can have a clean house without pushing yourself too hard

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