8 Changes You Can Make For A Dust-Free Home

8 Changes You Can Make For A Dust-Free Home

It doesn’t matter if you clean your home constantly. If the air quality is terrible, your work is never done.

If your main problems are irritation and possible allergic reactions, you need to avoid dust buildup. Do you want to know how to prevent dust at home? Here are eight changes you can make right now:

Remove floor clutter

Everything has its place, and having clutter at home adds more surfaces and objects that dust can cling to. Make sure to pick up toys, books, and other items that shouldn’t be on the floor, clean and store them in their proper spots.  

Invest in good doormats

Mats work as a first filter when getting home. Any dirt from the street should be taken care of.

A good doormat will trap dust, water and dirt, which means you’ll spend less time vacuuming and wiping.

Leave your shoes at the entrance

One thing is to avoid outside dirt from entering your home; another is to stop spreading dust and dirt you failed to catch on the doormat. Assign one spot at the entrance to leave all the shoes used to go outside and change into footwear to walk inside only.

The fewer fabrics, the better

Your bed linen isn’t the only thing that traps dead skin cells. If your living room is well decorated and colorful, chances are it’s because it has layers of textiles.

One great way to reduce dust at home is to take a more minimalist approach. You don’t need that many throw pillows or knitted blankets on your couch.

Ditch those carpets

It’s nice to look at a good clean carpet that lights up the place. However, if your house is way too dusty, this can be a nightmare to clean. If you need to beat the carpet or vacuum it more than you’d like, maybe it’s time to ditch it.

If the whole floor is carpeted, it gets worse. Stop stressing over stains and runny noses from carpets. Consider wood flooring if possible.

Choose the best air filter for your family

If you own an air conditioner, be sure to check and replace the filters every three months.

You probably have standard HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). 

However, if someone in your family suffers from dust allergies or respiratory issues, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are more effective. Dust particles and pet dander have no chance of spreading through the cooling and heating system.

Clean from top to bottom

At one point, you’ll need to clean. Prevent further dust once you’re already doing these tasks.

You can’t imagine how hard cleaning can get if you don’t do it in the correct order. Dust high places first to get rid of dust once settled on your floors. Feather dusters are iconic but don’t work so well, so use a microfiber cloth instead. 

Call the cleaning pros

If you’re pressed for time but want things neat and dust-free, get in touch with professional cleaners. Get your house spotless with BG011 Cleaning Services. You can customize cleaning solutions that fit your needs and budget.

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