6 Must-Know Tips To Keep Floors Clean With Dogs

6 Must-Know Tips To Keep Floors Clean With Dogs

Living with dogs at home is mostly a joy. Trouble arises when it comes to keeping those floors safe from hair and paw prints. But fear not! Taking the right approach can achieve pristine floors without making your dog a permanent yard resident.

Check out these six must-know tips to keep your floors in tip-top shape, even with your dogs’ romps, games, and shedding.

Tip #1. Clean your dog’s paws before entering your home

Create a designated paw-cleaning spot near your entrance to give your dogs’ paws a good cleansing after spending time outside.

Teach your furry buddies to hang tight while you gently wipe their paws using a damp cloth or a paw-cleaning brush (no alcohol-based wipes, please!). This easy hack significantly reduces the dirt they trail indoors, giving your floors (and you) a break from unnecessary mess.

Tip #2. Install pet-friendly doormats

If you have dog doors installed, you can’t always be there to clean your pups’ paws whenever they enter your home. So, a great way to minimize the dirt carried into your place is placing a pet doormat right by all the entry points your dog can get into your home.

You can find many kinds of these doormats, such as super absorbent ones, dirt-trappers, or high-piled ones. Choose whatever fits better for you and your dog!

Tip #3. Groom your dog regularly

Regular grooming achieves more than good looks for your dog; it helps cut down on fur and pet dander on your floors.

By grooming your dogs, you’re basically controlling when and where they shed, which means you won’t find as much hair over your floors as before. Also, you’ll get rid of all the accumulated dust and dirt in their fur—a spiffy dog equals a neater home sweet home!

Tip #4. Make washable pet rugs your best friends

Another handy way to prevent your floors from getting messy is strategically placing washable rugs in places your dog likes to hang in. These additions spruce up your space and shield your floors from spills, scratches, and whoopsie moments.

Tip #5. Consistently clean your dogs’ beds and toys

Don’t forget dog toys and beds can harbor some unsavory stuff that eventually winds up on your floors. Toss your pup’s toys and bed into the wash regularly to keep things clean. Your four-legged pal will appreciate it, and your floors will, too.

Tip #6. Set a customized cleaning routine

After a certain time, you may realize how often and where you need to clean, depending on your dogs’ habits, type of floor, rugs, and your schedule. Then, you can create a cleaning routine that fits all those factors.

In the case of hardwood or tile, a few weekly sweeps or vacuuming sessions do the trick. If your dogs are heavy shedders, daily vacuuming might be in order.

That’s not all! Add a hearty mop-down once a week for that extra sparkle. Got carpets? Amp up the vacuuming with occasional deep cleans to tackle those clingy pet hair and smells.

Get the rest of your home clean, too!

You may only have enough time to get your floors in good shape, but what about the rest of your house? Leave it to the pros! At Eloise’s Cleaning Services, we’ll sprinkle our sparkle all over your place, leaving it squeaky clean so all your home matches your pristine floors!

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