5 Easy Ways To Deodorize Your Trash Can

5 Easy Ways To Deodorize Your Trash Can

Taking out the trash is one, if not the best, way to prevent strong odors at home. However, unwanted smells are sometimes unavoidable. If your trash bag happened to leak or you disposed of spoiled leftovers, you are more than likely left with a stinky trash can.

No matter the reason, smelly trash cans are some of the most off-putting things in a house. If you’re unsure how to get rid of the smell, here are a few options you can try.

Option #1. Baking soda

Baking soda is great at fighting back bad smells. Sprinkle a small amount on the bottom of your trash can, and you’re done! Remember to wipe the can and repeat every 3 to 4 weeks to prevent unwanted smells from coming back.

Pro tip: You can also get a small coffee filter, fill it with baking soda, close it with a rubber band, and place it on the bottom of your trash can. Doing so will make replacing the baking soda a lot easier.

Option #2. Chlorine Bleach

If your trash can hasn’t been cleaned in a while and looks kind of nasty, you can use bleach to clean it. This option is a great way to disinfect and get rid of any bacteria and bad smell all at once.

Remember to always wear gloves when handling bleach! Dilute ¼ cup of bleach in about 2 gallons of water and fill your trash can. You can scrub to loosen up the grime if needed. Rinse it and let air dry completely before using.

Option #3. Cat litter

Cat litter is another option when it comes to trapping and preventing musty smells. This sandy product absorbs moisture and odors, so pouring a small amount on the bottom of your trash can will keep it smelling fresh.

Unsure what brand to use? Any litter will do! Just make sure to change it regularly. Once the litter has clumped, it will no longer absorb odors.

Option #4. Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are very fragrant and, as such, can prevent bad smells from taking over your trash can. All you need to do is toss one on the bottom of your trash can and leave it to sit there. Doing so will eliminate odors and help absorb small messes if the trash bag leaks.

If you feel like using a brand new dryer sheet to just throw it in the trash can is a waste, don’t worry. Used dryer sheets can also block odors. Just remember to change them regularly.

Option #5. Deodorizing trash bags

Deodorizing or scented bags are one of the easiest solutions because there isn’t a lot you have to do. You will find many options for deodorizing trash bags in your local supermarket, so choose the right one and ensure the material is good enough to prevent rips and leakage.

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