3 Natural Ways To Clean A Mirror (No Need To Buy Glass Cleaner!)

3 Natural Ways To Clean A Mirror (No Need To Buy Glass Cleaner!)

Are you tired of relying on glass cleaners to achieve streak-free mirrors? Perhaps you’re seeking alternatives that steer clear of harsh chemicals, or maybe you simply find yourself running low on glass cleaner. Whatever the reason, residential cleaning services have got you covered! 

In this article, we’ll unveil three natural ways to clean your mirrors that are not only effective but also safer for your household. 

How to clean mirrors without commercial glass cleaner

Sometimes, spending on commercial cleaners can feel like a waste of money, especially when your mirrors are barely dirty. Besides, natural methods are more convenient because everything you need is already in your house. Check out the following alternatives!

Method #1. Vinegar-based solution

Vinegar is an all-around cleaner used since eons ago. Unsurprisingly, it works as an excellent mirror cleaning alternative.

  1. Pour one cup white vinegar and one cup warm water into a spray bottle, then shake it vigorously until mixed.
  2. Depending on the size of the mirror, spray the mix on a microfiber cloth from one to three times.
  3. With your dampened cloth, wipe the mirror in quick motions. Be sure to do it from one edge to the other to cover every bit of your mirror.
  4. Once you finish applying the solution, you can take another dry microfiber cloth and buff the mirror to remove any remaining streaks and give it a shine.

Method #2. Rubbing alcohol alternative

Using alcohol as a component of your homemade glass cleaner will make it evaporate quicker, thus reducing the chance for streaks to appear.

  1. Mix in a spray bottle one cup water, three tablespoons vinegar, and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol.
  2. Spray the solution on your mirror in sections and quickly begin to wipe it before it evaporates.
  3. Wipe your mirror once more with a dry microfiber cloth to get a nice shine.

Method #3. Baking soda DIY cleaner

This method takes advantage of the powerful cleaning properties of baking soda to remove stubborn stains in your mirror.

  1. Fill a spray bottle with one part of baking soda, one part of lime juice, and three parts of water.
  2. Cover your mirror with your homemade solution and let it sit for five minutes. After five minutes, use a damp cloth to clean your mirror.
  3. Finally, dry your glass with a clean microfiber to give it a sparkling finish.

Get a better finish with these tips

If ugly streaks and water spots are still ruining your beautiful reflection, consider following these tips to prevent them.

  • Before using your cleaning solution, wipe the entire surface with a clean microfiber cloth. This way, you’ll remove any debris that could cause streaks on the mirror
  • Avoid making circular motions when wiping (dry or wet) the mirror. Instead, use rapid zig-zag movements across the surface.
  • If you don’t have clean microfiber cloths at hand, newspapers and soft sponges are the best alternatives to wipe mirrors.

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